Video released

We are very proud to present our first musicvideo ‘Fancy Free’. It is taken from our new record ‘AN TI E GO’, which will be released next week.
Thanks to Milan Pfützenrotor Produktion for camera/cutting and Denny Münster for the effects and visuals.
Big thanks to all our bodies, who helped us to realise this project!

Licht – Robin Wittkowski
Kostüm – Anou Art & Eat Ghosts
Maske – Laura Schleusener & Michelle Kluge
Darsteller: Detektiv Schmalenta – Johannes Walenta
Barkeeperin – Jule Schimpke
Stammgast – Max Lasch
Suffi 1 – Keyt Mros
Suffi 2 – Christian Chrosnik
Parkbankdamen – Laura Schleusener & Michelle Kluge
Passant – Josef Schwan



Upcoming Gigs

10.08. – Berlin, Urban Spree

11.08. – Potsdam, Fabrik –> Facebook

12.08. – Dresden, L33

13.08. – Rotbauchunke Festival


We have recorded our new album! Here are some impressions (by the one and only Johannes Walenta):